The latest technology to improve customer service is a queuing system.

Affordable Queueing & Ticketing Systems

Queuing systems make it easy to automatically organize your customers by the reason for their visit and give them an estimated wait time One touch provides a numbered ticket for the appropriate queue. MultiQueue makes the complete system affordable to even the smallest business while providing the features and performance of the largest queuing systems.

Printed Tickets

12 Separate Queues

Automatically Sort Customers

Unlimited Users

Wait Times, Reports & Statistics

MultiQueue Kiosk

MultiQueue is a Customer ticketing system

Fast & Simple Ticket Printing

It's as easy as choosing a reason for your visit.

Select a Choice button.

A ticket is printed
You are automatically entered in the proper queue.

Customer ticketing with MultiQueue android kiosk and printer

Solid Hardware

One simple touch screen device with an integrated printer can improve your lobby to the speed of business! Plug it in, connect to your network and set your choices. That's it! You can be set up in just 15 minutes.

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Simple Software

There's nothing to install. Just a simple, secure log in to the MultiQueue website. Unlimited users, Unlimited customers. The easy to use check list will show customers, organized by queue, in the order they arrived.

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Complete Support

Unlimited Support! We are here when you need us to support your queuing system. Hardware and Software are included in your 24x7 Support. We still believe in answering the phone so call us when you need us.

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Standard System Features

Unlimited Users
Unlimited Support
Unlimited Data
Up to 12 Categories
Lobby TV Display
Call by Ticket number
Call to Station Number
Automatic Updates
Automatic Backup
HIPAA Compliant
Fully Encrypted
Standard Display
Mobile Display
Wait Time Reports
Daily Reports
Export Data to Excel
Monthly or Annual Subscription
Pay by Credit Card or Check

Measure Staff Performance

Queuing systems can provide valuable insight to your business performance. In the statistics, staff performance is recorded such as how many customers a staff member serves each shift, how long they take to assist the customer for each category and customer satisfaction.

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Gather Reports & Statistics

MultiQueue provides a simple method of tracking customers, staff and procedures. Each step is timestamped to record stats like wait times, customer service times and volume of traffic. Each of these statistics can be measured down to the minute to help management better plan for staffing.

Customer Queuing Technology reaches affordable levels

The technology of electronic sign in sheets is slowly reaching small business. Even though the systems are easily available, most businesses either don't know about them or have the fear that they are too expensive for the benefits. As other businesses move forward and implement these simple tools, the exposure broadens. Medical facilities are the leader in implementation with hospitals, clinics and labs. These offices have the higher volume of customers and the electronic sign sheets has morphed into a queuing system.

Affordable queuing systems started appearing on the internet around 2005. They were based on Microsoft Windows based point-of-sale touch screen PC units which were expensive. Hardware ran in the $1500 range and a complete kiosk would cost upwards of $5000 without software. In 2010, the Apple iPad was released. People were getting used to touch screen technology through the use of smart phones. These tablets, along with Android based touch tablets brought forth an affordable hardware to be used as a kiosk. Unfortunately, the tablets did not have the power to act alone. Hosted software was gaining popularity and the two technologies were married to create affordable electronic sign in sheets.

The latest tablet based sign in sheets have advanced to serve as queuing systems. Using an Apple iPad or PC touch screen, the sign in sheet takes the information and organizes the customers or patients into queues based on there reason for visit. With web based databases, the queuing system gives more staff access to the signin information and improves the efficiency of the entire office. Today, queuing systems are as low as $399 and can be setup in just minutes. This is the most affordable technology to improve patient access in decades.

Ticket based queuing systems go high tech

The days of just pulling a ticket are fading. The latest ticket based queuing systems can sort customers by category giving business a more efficient customer service process. Android based systems are compact, fast and affordable. Using a cross technology of a receipt printer, the android tablet employs an app to gather data and pass it to a web based server creating a multi-user queuing system that fits small business as well as large. These systems were previously reserved for the rich but today the systems are only $399 giving the same solution to small business. Look for these technology based queuing systems to appear soon in an office near you.