The latest technology to improve customer service is a queuing system.

MultiQueue Software

Our software is designed to help your staff respond faster by sorting customers into queues. By sorting the customers, staff can be specialized and more direct to the persons needs. The software is a secure, online interface meaning there is no install. Each customer is documented, time stamped and tracked for statistics. Valuable reports can compare data for years giving insight to business and employee performance.

Time of Arrival

Time of Acknowledgement

Time of Departure

Wait Times

Service Times by Category

Volumes by Category


People often exaggerate about wait times. Employees often exaggerate about how busy the day was. With a queuing system, the time stamps are accurate down to the minute. You get real numbers instead of generalizations. Do you know the real wait times?


Customers are demanding. They want to be helped as soon as possible. They want to know how long the have to wait. Organization can solve these needs. Having a queueing system organizes arriving customers by time and needs which help staff give the best service.


Having statistics can provide valuable insight to office and employee performance. The timestamps associated with each customer can calculate just long they waited and how long it took to serve their needs. These reports can also help better plan your staffing down to the hour.

Standard Display

Organizes customers into queues for staff to Acknowledge and Check Out

MultiQueue Standard display organizes customers into queues