Customer Queuing System

The latest technology to improve customer service is a queuing system.

MultiQueue Software

Our software is designed to help your staff respond faster by sorting customers into queues. By sorting the customers, staff can be specialized and more direct to the persons needs. The software is a secure, online interface meaning there is no install. Each customer is documented, time stamped and tracked for statistics. Valuable reports can compare data for years giving insight to business and employee performance.

Time of Arrival

Time of Acknowledgement

Time of Departure

Wait Times

Service Times by Category

Volumes by Category


People often exagerate about wait times. Employees often exagerate about how busy the day was. With a queuing system, the time stamps are accurate down to the minute. You get real numbers instead of generalizations. Do you know the real wait times?


Customers are demanding. They want to be helped as soon as possible. They want to know how long the have to wait. Organization can solve these needs. Having a queueing system organizes arriving customers by time and needs which help staff give the best service.


Having statistics can provide valuable insight to office and employee performance. The timestamps associated with each customer can calculate just long they waited and how long it took to serve their needs. These reports can also help better plan your staffing down to the hour.

MultiQueue Simple Pricing $399 per year


Download MultiQueue Android App

Install MultiQueue App

MultiQueue is designed to run on our specially designed Android hardware.

Click to Install Android App

Configure MultiQueue App

Config & Run the App

When you run the app, the first screen will allow you to program the description of each queue. Simply fill each button with your text and leave rest blank. You will also need to set your System ID and Password in the Admin screen. Once configured, select Run.

Start using MultiQueue

Access the queue from your workstations

All the entries will appear in your private queueing system on At the top of this screen, select Login. This will allow you to login to your queueing system backend and start serving customers.

MultiQueue App Setup

After your software has been installed, follow these instructions to configure the queues

Opening Screen

The opening screen of MultiQueue shows the basic 6 queues as choices. In the next few screens, you will program these to fit your business needs. These are the touch buttons your customer will use to print a numbered ticket

MultiQueue first screen presents choices for the customer

Program Choice Buttons

To open the config screen, tap and hold the Application Title text for 7 seconds. The system will ask for a password. The default password is "MQ". Once in this screen you can tap on a button to edit it. You can also edit the Application Title. To leave it blank, simply clear all the text and leave blank.

MultiQueue is easy to program your own choices

Set System Config

In this screen you need to set your system id and password. This is provided by MultiQueue and facilitates the sending of information to the servers. To get to this screen, open the Choice button screen and click Admin. The 'message' is the text shown after a choice is made.

Attach the MultiQueue printer to your database

Secure the App

To secure the app from people trying to play around in your system, go to the Settings of the Android. While in the "Program Choices" screen, swipe down from the top of the Android. Next, select Settings. Under the Devices category, select "Home" . Choose Multiqueue as the launcher.


If your app asks what to select as the home app, choose MultiQueue

Open the admin section of MultiQueue
How to connect MultiQueue
Set the home app to MultiQueue

MultiQueue - Lobby TV Setup Instructions

MultiQueue has a Simple solution for your Lobby Display

Custom Lobby TV Display using LG Smart TV

Connect the LG Smart Series TV to Medical Check In

  • Connect the LG Smart TV to your WiFi
  • Temporarily Connect a keyboard to the USB port
  • From the Main Menu, Open the LG Browser
  • Connect to ""