The latest technology to improve customer service is a queuing system.

Simple hardware for a dependable, long lasting system

MultiQueue 12

MultiQueue is a Customer ticketing system
    Up to 12 Customer Queues
    POS-X T-2 All-in-One Android
    Ethernet and wifi 802.1 b/g/n
    Capacitive Touch Screen
    80mm Thermal printer
    Auto Cutter

Fast & Simple Ticket Printing

It's as easy as choosing a reason for your visit.

Select a Choice button.

A ticket is printed
You are automatically entered in the proper queue.

Customer ticketing with MultiQueue android kiosk and printer

Android Based

Using an Android based system gives you the familiar interface to work with. The system includes WiFi and wired Ethernet so we are sure to meet your IT requirements.

Dedicated App

We developed our own application to make it easy to setup and use. One simple touch and your customer gets the ticket for the right queue. This is one of the fastest systems on the market.

Industry Standard Printer

We use 80mm receipt paper that is used in most point of sale systems around the world. The printer also has an auto-cut feature that keeps your customers from damaging the unit while tearing off the ticket.