Customer Queuing System

The latest technology to improve customer service is a queuing system.

Simple hardware for a dependable, long lasting unit.

Printed ticket for queueing system

Android Based

Using an Android based system gives you the familiar interface to work with. The system includes WiFi and wired Ethernet so we are sure to meet your IT requirements.

Dedicated App

We developed our own application to make it easy to setup and use. One simple touch and your customer gets the ticket for the right queue. This is one of the fastest systems on the market.

Industry Standard Printer

We use 80mm receipt paper that is used in most point of sale systems around the world. The printer also has an autocut feature that keeps your customers from damaging the unit while tearing off the ticket.

Item Infomation
CPU RK3188 quad core
Frequency 1.8GHZ
Memory 1 GB
Flash 4 GB iNano
Storage Max 32G
OS Android 4.4
Display 8" (1024*768)
Touch screen Capacitive multi-touch
Speaker Stereo 2W
Indicator light Programmable orange and blue
WiFi wifi 802.1 b/g/n
Power supply DC 5V/24V dual voltage input
Ports 3X USB 1X RS232 1X LAN 1X RJ11
Printer 80mm Thermal printer
Bluetooth 2.1/4.0 supproted
Printing Speed 20mm/s
Printing Span 200km
Sensor out of paper, cover open
Cutting times 2 million times
cutting way half cut/ full cut

Warranty Details

Check In Systems Inc will replace or repair any unit that is found to have a manufacturer defect. Warranty does not cover incidental or accidental damage caused by dropping, abuse or negligence to secure the product from physical damage. Customer is responsible for returning the product adn Check In Systems Inc will be responsible for delivering the replacement unit.